Meet Your Team

Mrs. Natasha Etheridge, Owner/Operator


The principal and visionary of Serenity Sand & Seas Travel. Welcome to this amazing concept where good times and creativity flourish! The idea for this business came from my desire to bring all of the things that I love and need to help others. Serenity Sand & Seas Travel is heavy in the "more department." It is my joy to share my experiences with a like minded group of people in an effort to help them create lasting memories. 

Here's a little bit about me. I am a former New Yorker, residing in the Carolinas. A Licensed Nurse, traveler, mother and wife, I felt the need to help others outside of healthcare. I quickly discovered that discounts were available for travel agents, and vendors also offered FREE PERKS to agents that were trained to sell their products. I studied hard and dove right in and the rest was "Herstory."I really enjoyed working with my patients - but this is my dream to be available to my family and to travel the beaches of the world. I am so in love with travel that I personally sponsor, mentor and teach others how to become a certified travel consultant and to travel the world at discounted prices and get paid for it. If you think that would interest you please feel free to ask me how to get started.  

Again, I thank you for coming along on this magical journey with me to help you create your memories and experience the world ...


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